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Climate FieldView


Uncover Valuable Field Insights

Using Field Health Imagery allows the producer to spot issues in the field faster than by typical scouting processes. This also helps with prioritizing the locations and time of the crop consultants. At the end of the year, evaluate the decisions that were made throughout the growing season to help make more informed decisions for the coming years!

Access and Analyze 

Your Data In One Place

The Climate FieldView Drive allows producers to capture data in real time from a multitude of applications and transfer them into their account. This is all possible without the need for manual data input. Maps are created in real time allowing the producer to make more informed decisions!

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Optimize Your Inputs

Using historical data combined with in-season testing allows the producer to build variable rate seed, fertilizer and crop inputs prescriptions. All prescriptions are fully customizable and can be used at the end of the season for further analysis!

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